- 190 inhabitants
- Height above the sea level: 195 m
- district size 194 hectares
- municipality Neuerburg
- Eifel district of Bitburg-Prüm

Coat of arms of Roth/Our
  • Recognized community tourism

  • Castle Roth, 450 years old "Mother Oak" in the Kammerwald (natural monument); Castle Church, a former three-aisled Romanesque basilica; “Rothermännchen” near the church, royal oak in the Kammerwald; “Willi
    ord lime tree”

  • local network of hiking trails, fishing, tourism

  • The first written mentioning of the place as "Effenrode ei Gegene" is in possession of a certificate of the convent of St. Simeon in Trier from the year 1154. In 1220 Roth was a seat of the Knights Templar Order. After the resolution of the order in 1311 it was transferred to the Trier “Johanniterorden”. The old house was replaced by a baroque building, in 1733 the present Roth castle. The church is in its oldest part, dating back to 1220 and is still well preserved as a Romanesque basilica.

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